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Nicolás Pace (until 2023)

Nicolás Pace is the community networks movement building coordinator. He is also a part of AlterMundi A.C., a grassroots organisation supporting rural underserved communities in their pursuit of creating their own telecommunications infrastructure, their own piece of the internet. In doing so, Nicolás has travelled to more than 15 countries, getting to know many of the community networks out there, and getting to understand the diversity and complexity of the field. Lately he has been working together with REDES A.C., a grassroots organisation from Mexico, in supporting indigenous communities in their community network endeavours.


Purpose of position

The community networks project movement building coordinator leads and facilitates the development of awareness raising and movement building activities that enhance the performance of existing community networks and enable the creation of new community networks. Working closely with the policy coordinator, the regional coordinators and the gender coordinator, the movement building coordinator ensures the active participation of the global peer community (12 community networks in three regions) in an ongoing online exchange, as well as coordinating the interactions of the wider community networks movement.



Contact Nico on nicopace AT


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