Kathleen Diga

Research and administration assistant to the community access networks project


Kathleen has worked for over 10 years in the information and communication technology for development (ICT4D) research space. In her previous work related to the current APC project, she has helped to coordinate research teams and individuals across the globe, including to bring together a panel around community wireless networks to Cape Town for the ICTD2013 international pre-conference. In 2008, she also had the opportunity to visit several community local access networks in Winneba, Ghana, White River, South Africa and Kabale, Uganda, as well as present on Wireless Africa and gender in a Johannesburg workshop. She has written numerous publications in ICT4D and has been a co-editor on several publications, including a special issue journal on ICT ecosystems (2016) and a book on poverty and ICTs in East Africa (2014). Her main focus of research is understanding the changing ICT asset portfolio within households in South Africa and how these items are contributing to well-being and wealth changes, particularly among the marginalised.

Purpose of position

The purpose of the position is to have an overall perspective of the project and its progress, have responsibility for implementation of the project’s internal administrative and management systems and procedures and provide support to the project coordinator. It will also require working closely with the project research team to provide specific support for the implementation of the research activities. This person is responsible for ensuring the necessary mechanisms are in place to support the effective implementation of the project and the work of the project coordinator. 

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