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Cathy Chen

Born in Taiwan and grew up in Canada, Cathy is passionate about using design thinking and practice to empower socially and cognitively differently-abled groups. In her Master’s degree at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada, she participated in a cross disciplinary programme that encourages research and practice relating to digital media and its emergent developments. Cathy meanders her way through fusions of collaborative research projects with other designers and researchers. Two particular projects include a collaborative touch-based memory-aid mobile app for seniors, and a gestural, interactive experience of CBC Newsworld archival videos. She also worked as a information designer in Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), Delhi, India. There she helped to deliver and present information in playful and participatory manners. Living in different cities, she has grew an interest to learn about the extensive cultures and ways people utilise public spaces for multiple purposes.

Purpose of position

The main purpose of this position is to ensure the in-house production and also the effective coordination of the production and distribution/dissemination of high quality publications and/or any graphic design-related outputs in print and online formats to relevant target audiences.


What is OpenPGP?

Publications and multimedia coordinator