East African Sexual Health & Rights Initiative - UHAI

East African Sexual Health & Rights Initiative - UHAI is Africa’s first indigenous, activist-led and peer-founded fund that supports LGBTIQ and gender minorities, along with sex worker organisations in seven East and Central African countries: Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Since their inception in 2009, UHAI has provided over $12 million of funding through over 900 grants to 235 organisations. The fund’s grant making centres upon structurally excluded and silenced groups, who fight oppression and injustice daily, and are financially and technically capable to undertake sustained organising and advocacy. To achieve this, UHAI provides short-term and long-term grants and successive support via an inclusive and participatory approach. UHAI brings extensive networks and knowledge of LGBTIQ work in the region, being East Africa’s first indigenous LGBTIQ fund.

Our Voices, Our Futures
Our Voices, Our Futures 04 May 2022

Our Voices, Our Futures is a global South-led consortium, comprising CREA, APC, UHAI -The East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative and WO=MEN, complemented by strategic partner IM-Defensoras. This initiative will amplify voices and increase visibility of structurally silenced women in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Sudan and Uganda, so they can take their rightful places in civic space and participate across three key spaces: online space, physical public ...

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