IM-Defensoras is a local-to-regional alliance of organisations and networks that support WHRDs in Mexico and Central America. Grounded in a Feminist Holistic Protection (FHP) approach, IM-Defensoras strive to collectively sustain WHRDs’ work throughout the Mesoamerican region with security, wellbeing, resilience and autonomy. Their platform for WHRDs offers self and collective care, building protection support mechanisms and resources, advocacy for states to assume protection measures and uphold their responsibilities for a safe enabling environment, amplified voices, and mobilisation of regional and international solidarity. The OVOF alliance and national partners will greatly benefit from IM-Defensoras’ expertise in Feminist Holistic Protection, particularly the tested approach to document violations. This feeds into policy advocacy and also builds understandings of how attacks occur and how to respond to attacks

Our Voices, Our Futures
Our Voices, Our Futures 04 May 2022

Our Voices, Our Futures is a global South-led consortium, comprising CREA, APC, UHAI -The East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative and WO=MEN, complemented by strategic partner IM-Defensoras. This initiative will amplify voices and increase visibility of structurally silenced women in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Sudan and Uganda, so they can take their rightful places in civic space and participate across three key spaces: online space, physical public ...

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