IT +46 is an ICT consultancy company with a social mission: Knowledge Transfer to the recipients They are convinced that ICT can play an important role in making development sustainable, but since information by itself is not knowledge, we aim to share knowledge rather than simply transfer information. This approach is considered in our projects from the design to the implementation and training. We work together with grassroots organizations, academia, as well as regulators in both developing and developed countries. The company brings more than ten years of hands-on international working experience in Information Technology in the areas of: Education and Training in ICTs Free and Open Source Software Development Localization of Software Design and Implementation of fixed and wireless Infrastructure Voice over IP Network and Computer Security ICT Policies and Development Plans Energy Solutions for ICTs

Rapid Response Network (RRN)
Rapid Response Network (RRN) 28 May 2008

The Rapid Response Network (RRN) is an initiative from the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) that is aimed towards ensuring that rights of expression, communication, association and protest on the internet are protected. More specifically, to enable people and organisations to use information and communications technologies for social justice and equality. APC has long been concerned with trends that show that such rights are being violated. As one response, some APC members an...

Wireless LAC (TRICALCAR) 10 December 2007

APC is always looking for South-South networking opportunities. While the wireless project was initially located in Africa, from the outset APC’s strategic uses programme felt that APC should be exploring similar opportunities in other regions. Information about the African workshops was circulated amongst APC members from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and Americo Sanchez of Peruvian APC member CEPES was selected by his peers to participate in the first East Africa workshop in 2005....

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