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This member story was featured in the  2017 APC Annual Report, as part of our work on rights.

7amleh Center has been laying the foundations for awareness and advocacy on digital rights in Palestine through the publication of a groundbreaking research on “Internet Freedoms in Palestine - Mapping of Digital Rights Violations and Threats”, and bringing key policy makers from social media giants Facebook and Google to engage with Palestinian civil society in the first-ever Palestine Digital Activism Forum (PDAF) in Ramallah. 7amleh's research analyses threats to and violations of Palestinian digital rights by governmental actors – the Israeli authorities, the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Hamas in the Gaza Strip – as well as social media companies. This innovative research is 7amleh's foundation for its awareness and advocacy campaigns, as well as lobbying work with non-governmental actors. Representatives from Google and Facebook at the second PDAF in Ramallah interacted with Palestinian civil society on their policies regarding Palestine.

Image source: 7amleh Center