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Sursiendo members at a RightsCon session (2019)

Sursiendo is an independent non-profit organisation based in Chiapas, Mexico, operating in Latin America. Since 2011, its work has focused on activism, communications, design, free/libre software, popular education, art and culture through equitable and creative participation and a gender-based perspective. Its mission is to help re-frame digital technology as opportunities for autonomy, equal access and the exercise of freedom and collective digital rights, where technological development considers both socio-technical and environmental factors.

Since February 2024, Sursiendo has formed part of the growing APC network. APCNews spoke with Sursiendo members to learn more about the organisation and its role in the APC network.

Why did you decide to join the APC network?

Since we started Sursiendo more than 13 years ago, APC has been a reference in our work. It is a global coalition “with its feet planted in local communities” that contributes significantly to civil society in the use of digital technology and communications in general. In the last five years, we have collaborated with the Women’s Rights Programme and the Social and Environmental Justice Programme. Our previous experience working with a number of member organisations from the Latin American region whom we admire and understand also encouraged us to take a step forward and form part of the network as a way of forging alliances and shared visions.

What do you think you can contribute as a member, and what do you expect from APC?

Participating in global articulations with a shared vision of technology strengthens our work and helps build joint strategies to advance in our goals. In our case, Sursiendo has experience providing digital care accompaniment to groups and social movements that we consider relevant to the conversations around these issues, especially regarding how we think, make and live technology from a decolonial and socio-environmental justice framework. We consider our participation in the spaces that APC is consolidating in the last years valuable, both for the development of common projects, and the learning and mutual support we hope to strengthen.