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We are proud to be nominated, along with several other members of the APC network, for this year’s #GoodID Awards, convened by the Omidyar Network. The awards aim to give recognition for “dedicated, progressive and impactful work to improve digital identity for all.” APC is nominated in the Accountability category, along with organisations and individuals who champion and promote transparency, oversight and engagement with the public. 

Three APC member organisations are also nominated for the #GoodID awards: Foundation for Media Alternatives in the Security category; EngageMedia in the Inclusion category; and Unwanted Witness in the Accountability category. We congratulate our members for their nominations and invite everyone to cast their votes here.

#GoodID is a multi-sector movement for good digital identity composed of individuals, civil society organisations, technologists, businesses and governments. The movement champions the “Good ID” approach, wherein digital identity is seen and treated as a way to include, benefit and protect people rather than as a tool for surveillance, discrimination and exclusion. All of the nominees for the #GoodID Awards work to raise awareness and champion the #GoodID principles of digital dignity, data protection, human-centred technologies and quality identification programmes. 

This year’s #GoodID awards will run from 26 August to 30 September 2021, with over 30 nominees (individuals and organisations) across four categories: Accountability, Inclusion, Privacy and Security. 

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