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Cyberwomen is a self-defense guide with gender perspective aimed at offering learning experiences to women human right defenders that work in high-risk environments.

The guide is made up of training modules and recommendations focused on specific contexts. The creation of Cyberwomen was a collaborative process between many devoted people and partner organizations.

Cyberwomen includes interactive games, as well as audio-visual and graphic materials, as instructional aids for trainers. You can download this guide from the site and learn more about it's methodology and training modules, in addition to other useful resources.


Authors: The original content in this curriculum was developed by Alma Ugarte Pérez, Hedme Sierra Castro and Indira Cornelio Vidal.

Coordination and Systematization: Alma Ugarte Pérez, Indira Cornelio Vidal and Dhaniella Falk.

Coordination and IWPR link: Alejandra García.

Education and Localization: Nicholas Sera-Leyva.

Spanish translation: Nadège Lucas Pérez.

Coordination of Peer-to-Peer Learning and Session Pilots: Estrella Soria.

Consultancy: Tierra Común cooperative.

Web development, graphic design and media production: Kéfir cooperative.

Peer Reviewers and Collaborators: Azza Sultan, Carol Waters, Dalia Othman de Tactical Technology Collective, Estrella Soria, Erika Smith from the Association for Progressive Communications, Gigi Alford, Jennifer Schulte, Laura Cunningham, Lindsey Andersen, Megan DeBlois from Internews and Sandra Ordoñez.

Some sessions and other information adapted for this curriculum were developed by: Association for Progressive Communications, Tactical Technology Collective, Fundación Karisma, Mujeres Al Borde, Elis Monroy from Subversiones Collective, Danah Boyd, Mariel García, Alix Dunn, Spyros Monastiriotis and Phi Requiem.