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This member story was featured in the 2016 APC Annual Report, as part of our work on access.

AlterMundi‘s most significant achievement in 2016 was obtaining a scale-up grant from the Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean (FRIDA) for the LibreRouter project.

The project was proposed for consideration in Latin America, Africa and Asia, and won grants in both Latin America, through FRIDA, and Africa, through the Fund for Internet Research and Development (FIRE).

The LibreRouter is currently in development and is expected to be available by December 2017. There are more than 20 people from around the globe involved in the development of the router and related technologies.

This device will allow community networks worldwide to access an affordable, high-performance multi-radio router that is ideal for mesh network deployments. Its design has taken into consideration the needs of communities in every aspect. Both the software and the hardware will be available as free/libre developments.