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Thai Netizen Network is a leading non-profit organisation in Thailand that advocates for digital rights and civil liberties. Founded in December 2008, it grew out of a group of netizens who had concerns about limited internet freedom during post-coup governments. Its activities are based on five themes: 1) access to information, 2) freedom of opinion and expression, 3) privacy, 4) participatory internet governance, and 5) rights over information resources. The Network is run by a small working group, with consultation from its members and an advisory board drawn from civil society, industry and academia. The group was officially registered as the “Foundation for Internet and Civic Culture” in May 2014.

Key activities of the Network in recent years, in partnership with various local and international partners, include:

  • Netizen Report – an annual situational report of internet freedom and online culture in Thailand

  • Input to the civil society report for Thailand’s participation in the UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review

  • Cybercrime law and digital forensics capacity building for human rights lawyers

  • Digital security workshops for human rights defenders, journalists and activists

  • Marathon – a journal of internet studies and digital culture

  • Night School – a lecture series on the internet, media, arts and social movements

  • Research on the privacy policies and security measures of Thai online services

  • Mekong ICT Camp – a regional bi-annual workshop on ICT for development.