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18 December 2020 | Updated on 18 December 2020

As we near the end of this challenging year, the APC communications team wants to thank you for staying close and continuing to work with us for an internet that contributes to social justice and to improving people’s lives.

We want to encourage you to continue covering pressing issues in APC’s areas of focus, including the collective power of communities; online exclusion, discrimination and inequality; women and people of diverse sexualities and genders; environmental justice and preservation of the earth; and internet governance that recognises it as a global public good, something that has proven to be more crucial than ever during these previous months.

This year came with lessons on how to stay close despite the physical challenges. Make sure to check out our “Closer than ever" guide in which we attempted to share the knowledge our network has harvested through three decades of remote working. See also the insights by our members from their different contexts and realities in our "Closer than ever" section in EnglishSpanish and French.

Visit our press section to see the press releases we published this year, as well as our publications, multimedia materials and a list of contacts from the APC community — all committed activists working with the internet as a way to improve people's lives, with a strong focus on the global South.

Do you have any questions, comments, issues you’d like to raise with us? Please contact us at

Happy 2021,

The APC communications team