Maria José Casares

Learning and mentorship assistant (Local Networks initiative)


Maria José Casares García is equipped with a passion for fostering community education and a strong foundation in strategic project management. With a dedicated focus on capacity building and the co-construction of knowledge, she has worked in creating inclusive learning environments. Particularly, her work has focused on the analysis, development and evaluation of education programmes in the global South. Her academic background, highlighted by her MSc in Education with a focus on Comparative Education and International Development from the University of Edinburgh, has fostered her professional journey. Now leaping to her next challenge as learning and mentorship assistant from Rhizomatica/REDES A.C. in the Local Networks initiative, she’s aiming to work together with organisations and communities to identify the needs and foster the skills needed to thrive within their contexts.

About REDES A.C.

Redes por la Diversidad, Equidad y Sustentabilidad A.C. (REDES A.C.) is a civil society organisation created in 2004 by members committed to diversity, equity and sustainability, promoting networks and enabling processes for organisations, groups and communities. It seeks to build strong and deep relationships with the rural communities and associations it works with, in order to support actions that contribute to Mexico’s development. Since its establishment, it has worked in two main areas: Indigenous and community communication and sustainable community development.

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