Author Yearsort icon Title Publisher Languages
Anriette Esterhuysen 2016 High-level Policy Session Statement. WSIS Forum 2016 APC English
Andrew Rens 2016 Case study: The right to education and the internet in South Africa APC English
2016 Malaysian parliament should heed civil society calls to reject flawed Communications and Multimedia Act amendments APC
Wafa Ben Hassine 2016 Digital rights advocacy in the Arab world and the Universal Periodic Review APC English
Reem Almasri 2016 Digital safety in context: Perspectives on digital security training and human rights realities in the Arab world APC English
Mohammad Tarakiyee 2016 Challenges to civil society participation in internet governance in the MENA region APC English
Various 2016 Joint statement to Brazilian congress: Drop dangerous cybercrime bills Various
2016 Sudan blocks civil society participation in UN-led human rights review APC
APC, Article 19, Public Knowledge 2016 Cultural rights and the internet in Brazil. Presentation at 157th session at Inter-American Commission on Human Rights APC English
APC 2016 Ending digital exclusion: Why the access divide persists and how to close it Association for Progressive Communications (APC) English|Español|Español - resumen por Colnodo|Français
B4A, MMfD & APC 2016 Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2016, yet another story of deception from democracy
APC 2016 Freedom of expression and the private sector in the digital age APC English
Privacy International, Right2Know, and the Association for Progressive Communications 2016 Submission in advance of the consideration of the periodic report of South Africa, Human Rights Committee APC English
2016 Letter to Member States of the UN Human Rights Council, regarding resolution on the protection of human rights defenders addressing economic, social and cultural rights APC English
Juan Diego Castañeda and Amalia Toledo, Fundación Karisma 2016 Examining Internet Freedom in Latin America: Colombia country report APC Español|English
Cooperativa Sulá Batsú 2016 Examining Internet Freedom in Latin America: Costa Rica country report APC English|Español
Luis Fernando García and Vladimir Chorny, R3D: Red en Defensa de los Derechos Digitales 2016 Examining Internet Freedom in Latin America: Mexico country report APC English|Español
Maricarmen Sequera Buzarquis, TEDIC 2016 Examining Internet Freedom in Latin America: Paraguay country report APC English|Español
WOUGNET, CIPESA and APC 2016 Women's Rights and the Internet in Uganda Stakeholder Report - Universal Periodic Review 26th Session – Uganda APC English
APC 2016 APC condemns undermining of democracy in Brazil

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