This section is an active and comprehensive repository of the latest research reports, policy and issue papers, presentations, statements and positions, toolkits, guides, and other relevant publications produced by APC and its members and partners.


APC-wide activities
Unbounded possibilities: Observations on sustaining rural ICTs in Africa 27 October 2008 Ian Howard

Getting connected thanks to Wireless This study commissioned by APC and written by wireless expert Ian Howard explores sustainable ICT and the need for wireless internet access for development (W4D). Intended to serve as a guide to members of the W4D community involved in African initiatives, How...

Frequently Asked Questions About Conducting a National WSIS Consultation Process 03 October 2008 APC

APC’s FAQ about Conducting a National WSIS Process outlines the steps to take and key components in organising a national consultation around ICT policy, in this case specifically the debates raised by the United Nations conference on the Information Society (WSIS). The ‘frequently asked ...

APC Annual Report 2007
APC Annual Report 2007 31 July 2008 APC

“APC is striving to build a more just, plural and sustainable world. One that is richer in diversity through networks facilitated by technology,” says APC’s chair Danilo Lujambio, in his introduction to the APC Annual Report 2007. In existence as a virtual community since 1990, APC’s lei...

Business models for equitable access
Business models for equitable access 25 July 2008 Muriuki Mureithi

Grassroots communities need to get their hands dirty in shaping how information and communications technologies (ICTs) affect their lives, rather than passively leaving it up to governments and big business to decide. This is the view of Kenyan-based ICT consultant Muriuki Mureithi, whose issue...

Capacity building for equitable access
Capacity building for equitable access 25 July 2008 David Souter

Policy-makers and regulators “cannot be supermen and superwomen,” says African information and communications technology (ICT) policy analyst Professor F.F. Tusubira. Instead, he says, they need to create an environment where “savvy” entrepreneurs can bring value to customers. While there...

Tools and technologies for equitable access
Tools and technologies for equitable access 25 July 2008 Alberto Escudero-Pascual

“Sometimes doing the wrong thing with technology is better than doing nothing,” says research associate at the South African-based Shuttleworth Foundation, Steve Song. And, he suggests, when it comes to technology, the unexpected should be encouraged to happen. Song, an open source advocate,...

Policies for equitable access
Policies for equitable access 25 July 2008 Lishan Adam

The majority of the world’s population is still isolated from the opportunities offered by the global revolution in information and communications technologies (ICTs) – and the poor are the hardest hit. This is the view of Ethiopian-based ICT expert Lishan Adam, whose issue paper Policies fo...

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