Past Projects

Media piracy study

This two-year research project examines the nature and extent of media piracy and the effect of anti-piracy legislative and enforcement frameworks on access to knowledge in South Africa. The research was carried out by researchers from APC and several South African universities, and forms part of a larger study by researchers in Russia, India, Brazil, Mexico, and Hungary, on media piracy in their countries.    

Rapid Response Network (RRN)

The Rapid Response Network (RRN) is an initiative that is aimed towards ensuring that rights of expression, communication, association and protest on the internet are protected. More specifically, to enable people and organisations to use information and communications technologies for social justice and equality. APC has long been concerned with trends that show that such rights are being violated. As one response, some APC members and partners, have decided to act as a “Rapid Response Network” (RRN). 

Rapid Response Network (RRN)
Web 2.0 tools for development

While the media is praising spaces like Facebook and YouTube for online social networking,APC is concerned with what Web 2.0 tools can do for people who don’t have good internet access and equipment. In mid-2007, APC joined a partnership of like-minded organisations with which it organised a la...

Rapid Response Network (RRN)
APC Hafkin Communications Prize

The Hafkin prize was established to honour Dr. Nancy J. Hafkin, a true pioneer of networking, and development information and communications in Africa, over the course of a twenty-three year career. APC’s objective is to recognize African ICT efforts, and to extract some of the lessons learned ...

Rapid Response Network (RRN)
APC Betinho Communications Prize 2000-2003

The internet has not yet been converted into a giant online shopping mall. There are thousands of projects big and small working online around the world that prove that the internet can be, and is being used, as a powerful tool for development and social justice. The APC Betinho Communications Pr...

Rapid Response Network (RRN)
Gender and ICT Awards

The APC WNSP and the Global Knowledge Partnership launched the Gender and ICT Awards to honor and bring international recognition to innovative and effective projects by women to use ICTs for the promotion of gender equality and/or women’s empowerment. Offered in 2003 and 2005, profiles of awar...

Rapid Response Network (RRN)
Communications and Information Policy in Latin America - Advocacy

Oriented to influence national and regional ICT policy processes to ensure that demands and perspectives of civil society organisations are considered.

Rapid Response Network (RRN)
Communications and Information Policy in Latin America - Research and Issue Papers

Oriented to learn, understand, discuss and analyse about the impact of ICT policy decisions on civil society as well as to offer inputs to inform advocacy in Latin America at regional and national levels.

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