Past Projects

Innovative application of ICTs in addressing water-related impacts of climate change

The Climate Change and Water (CCW) is a new programme by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) from 2010 – 2015. APC has been brought in to help develop the next steps in the programme in order to help refine its focus in the area.

Action Research Network

The APC Action Research Network is a network of researchers who focus on “information society” themes. They are carrying out research for action intended to lead to positive changes in the policy environments in the countries and regions where they live and work in three areas – spectrum, human rights online and ICTs and environment.  

Action Research Network
Internet rights are human rights

Everyone has rights, including online. APC is documenting trends, lobbying for freedom of expression and to info in international forums and training human rights activists to use the internet securely.

Action Research Network
Digital broadcast migration in West Africa: What's the dividend?

African countries committed to migrating from analogue to digital broadcasting by 2015 – but migration won't be easy or cheap. We work with civil society, broadcasters, policy-makers and regulators to produce the data and tools required to make informed decisions.

Action Research Network
D-Island - Meeting and Collaborative Space for Development Practitioners

D-Island is an open development space offered by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and their partners for the international development community.

Action Research Network
MDG3 Take Back the Tech! Fund

The Take Back the Tech! Fund which is providing small grants of up to USD 5000 USD each to over sixty local, primarily community based organisations to implement projects that use ICTs to end violence against women and building their capacity to do so.

Action Research Network
Open access to spectrum for development

Wireless technology could radically transform the lives of millions of people living with poor connectivity — but only if the policy makes sense. Our research critiques the situation in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  

Action Research Network
Impact 2.0: Experimenting with social networking for policy change in Latin America

Politicians aren’t always aware that sound research that could help them make better policy decisions is out there waiting to be used. On the other hand, social networking websites are experiencing an explosive growth worldwide and Latin America is no exception. This new initiative, of which AP...

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