Past Projects

Sexual rights

This project builds from the learnings and recommendations of the APC initiative EROTICS: An exploratory research project into sexuality and the internet developed in two phases with partners from Brazil, Lebanon, India, Indonesia, South Africa and the USA. The Sexual Rights Project also builds on the work that APC has developed since 2010 through the project Internet Rights Are Human Rights – Securing freedom of expression and association on the internet to support democratisation by strengthening capacity and networking among human rights defenders, which built on APC’s longstanding ...

Local Action to Secure Internet Rights (APC-LASIR)

Through the Local Action to Secure Internet Rights project, APC will facilitate national initiatives and support human rights campaigns in ten countries across the globe where opportunity, capacity and momentum already exist.

Local Action to Secure Internet Rights (APC-LASIR)
Building a culture of online human rights and digital security in the Maghreb-Machrek region

As part of our mission to empower people’s use of ICTs for social justice, APC is working with partners and members to ensure HRDs in the Maghreb-Machrek region have the tools and knowledge to operate securely online. To build a culture of online human rights and digital security, HRDs will...

Local Action to Secure Internet Rights (APC-LASIR)
Connecting your rights: Economic, social and cultural rights and the internet

Discussions on internet rights are often limited to arguments around “internet freedom”. APC believes that advancing internet rights is also a way to advance economic, social and cultural rights (ESCRs). Some of these rights include: the right to education, the right to an adequate standard o...

Local Action to Secure Internet Rights (APC-LASIR)
Spectrum for broadband and broadcasting

APC’s efforts to ensure affordable and equitable internet access focus significantly on radio spectrum. While use of wireless internet, particularly through mobile devices, is growing exponentially in the developing world, access to reliable and affordable broadband continues to be a challenge,...

Local Action to Secure Internet Rights (APC-LASIR)
Policing the internet: Intermediary liability in Africa

Holding internet intermediaries liable is an increasing global trend that transfers the responsibilities of law enforcement, as well as of copyright enforcement, to internet service providers (ISP), both large and small. Internet intermediaries are therefore increasingly used to police and e...

Local Action to Secure Internet Rights (APC-LASIR)
Holding government accountable to gender-based violence in the Republic of Congo

Republic of Congo (Congo) has one of the most serious incidence of gender-based violence and human rights violations in the world. It is a country emerging from years of armed conflict, which has perpetuated rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war. This project aims to strengthen documentatio...

Local Action to Secure Internet Rights (APC-LASIR)
Holding governments accountable for gender-based violence in Cambodia

This project will empower women’s organisations in Cambodia to use information and communication technologies (ICTs) to monitor government prevention efforts and responses to VAW; to aggregate and analyse data that captures these efforts and to produce evidence that can be used to put pressure ...

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