Challenge campaign grants

The objective of campaign grants is to build awareness among target groups in the five countries, through new and existing networks, on the violation of freedom of religion and expression online, including on how intolerance and hate can affect individuals emotionally and psychologically.

Available grants

1. Developing and implementing coordinated campaigns that help build a greater network and community using online platforms to reach across sections of society towards advocating for accountability for survivors and tolerant and secular societies.

A total of 11 grants are available to activists, human rights defenders (HRDs) and CSOs to engage in counter-speech, expose the use of misinformation/disinformation and “fake news” to incite violence and intolerance, and foster respectful and inclusive dialogues among people with diverse opinions, especially users outside HRD and CSO circles. These campaigns will create online and offline spaces and gatherings to engage individuals and groups who are outside HRD networks to reach a wider audience. These can be focused on either national or regional issues.

Countries of focus: Bangladesh – three grants; India – three grants; Indonesia – three grants; Myanmar – one grant; Pakistan – one grant.

Amount available: USD 3,300 for each grant.


2. Other campaigns

The applicant may propose any other campaign activity that they are interested in carrying out as long as it relates to the thematic area of focus and countries of focus in the project.

To apply for a Challenge campaign grant, click here.
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