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APC’s mission, formulated 30 years ago, has been the starting point of APC’s strategic priorities and plans. In the consultations to develop APC’s strategic plan for 2020-2023, APC members, staff and partners affirmed the continuing relevance of this mission. At the same time, we realise the need to refocus APC’s vision and mission to leverage our network’s strength to contribute to transforming the systems of oppression and inequality that are being perpetuated and deepened by the ways in which digital technologies and spaces are being used, deployed, developed and governed.

For this strategic period, APC’s focus is to challenge discrimination, structural inequality and power structures by working to decolonise the internet, digital technologies and spaces to create a more just and sustainable world.

This new strategic plan was developed as part of long-term reflection and visioning discussions within the APC network as it approaches its 30th year in 2020. 


List of abbreviations and acronyms

I. Introduction to APC's 2020-2023 strategic plan

II. The process

III. Historical overview

IV. Summary of current and expected context

V. Theory of Change: Our political assumptions and beliefs

VI. Our vision, mission and values

VII. Outcome areas and impact objectives