Expert group meeting: Due diligence and accountability for online violence against women

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The Association for Progressive Communications (APC), the Due Diligence Project (DDP) and the Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute are organising a two-day expert group meeting on “Due diligence for violence against women online: The role of the state and internet intermediaries” that will be held in Florence, Italy on 15-16 October 2015.

The meeting will bring together feminist legal scholars as well as experts on online violence against women, from the public and private spheres, to apply the international legal principle of due diligence and the state’s obligation to technology-related violence against women.

The debate will draw on the due diligence principle to promote, protect and fulfil human rights in respect to violence against women, and build on APC’s multi-country research on technology-related violence against women and access to justice. The objective of the meeting is to collaboratively develop a set of accountability principles to hold state and private sector actors alike responsible for these acts of violence, in the areas of prevention, protection, prosecution, punishment and provision of redress.

About the organisers

The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is an international network of civil society organisations (CSOs) dedicated to empowering and supporting people working for peace, human rights, development and protection of the environment through the strategic use of information and communication technologies (ICT). APC’s work in women’s rights and gender equality is done through its Women’s Rights Programme (WRP).

The DDP is a global multi-country multi-year project which developed and seeks to apply the Due Diligence Framework for State Accountability to end violence against women in various countries and contexts throughout the world, in each of the “5P” areas of prevention, protection, prosecution, punishment and provision of redress.

The Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute provides training for human rights defenders to broaden human rights awareness in the world. Inspired by Robert F. Kennedy’s belief that every individual can make a difference, the RFK Training Institute was established to provide a secure space where human rights defenders, including civil servants, can develop their skills, exchange information and best practices, and establish new partnerships to confront pressing human rights crises around the world.

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