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We have great news to share with you all. has a completely renovated face! turns 10 years old in 2015, and it was time for a change. The new design responds to what readers, writers and the team identified as necessary and desired changes in our look and feel.

Our primary objective was not only to give a fresh new look but also to simplify its layout, so that it allows you, our readers, to better focus and reflect on your readings. Having a space that allows you to focus is becoming increasingly rare in today’s hectic world of information overload.

Big thanks go to the website development team behind our new facelift: visual designer Ezrena Marwan, and developers Liz Probert, Sam Marx and Sarah Escandor Tomas. All of them are women’s rights activists deeply committed to developing technology to meet women’s needs. Read the interview with the design and development team here.

Note: Some bits of the site are still under development, so please bear with us. We would also appreciate it if you sent us your comments and suggestions to further enhance your use of the website, via Twitter @genderitorg or by email genderit at

What is new on the website?

  • Logo: is heading into a second decade of work this year, and it needed a new visual identity that more accurately captures its current reality. Our old logo with the G was revamped to reflect a still deep but trendy and intersectional spirit. In the words of the designer Ezrena Marwan: “The new logo was designed to communicate strength and boldness in words and in opinions. The yellow square captures the bold spirit of, and the font used for the G resembles wires and technology. The ‘G’ coming out of the box shows new ideas, thoughts and voices. It also shows the dynamism, fearlessness and courage of”
  • Home page: Our new face showcases at first glance all the latest content by our writers featured on
  • Navigation: A new top navigation menu is available to make your experience on the website more straightforward and appealing. You will also notice that we do not have thematic sections anymore, since the topics we work on have become increasingly intersectional and fluid. Instead, the thematic navigation is provided by thoughtfully featured tags that will allow readers to navigate the website in a more holistic way.
  • About us: A completely renewed section about the project, the editorial team, our code of ethics, and how to contact us.
  • Pool of writers: The team of collaborators now have a well-deserved space to emphasise their starring role. In every article, the authors are prominently showcased, and we also created a page devoted to our pool of writers, featuring their full profiles, including their fields of expertise and the ways of getting in touch with them and becoming a fan of one or more writers if you so wish. Also check out the ways in which you can collaborate with!
  • In-depth: Dive into the depths of feminist reflection on internet policy. This renovated section offers a constantly updated collection of insightful articles, including many multimedia resources.
  • Feminist talks: This is still one of the main and most active sections in, where writers get to be themselves, express their opinions and challenge our readers, now with a renovated look and better featuring of the writers’ profiles. If you enjoy reading some writers in particular, now you can also follow them separately!
  • Editions: Now there is a renovated stand-alone section for’s thematic newsletter editions. This is the space where gathers reflections and insights on specific topics and events considered relevant within the women’s rights and ICT policy agenda, with a strong focus on the global South.
  • Publications: This is a section on where you will find all the materials you need for reflection, influence and advocacy on internet policy and culture, to help ensure that they meet women’s needs and do not infringe on their rights.’s featured publications offer insight on ICT policy, women’s rights, sexual rights and internet rights, as well as research by academics, journalists and advocates from a range of disciplines and contexts. The publications featured in this section serve as a resource and a reference tool, with information on the key players, evolving terms and current debates.

We invite you to take a tour of, and to enjoy and make your own.

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