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The meeting, a joint civil society strategy gathering independently organised ahead of NetMundial 2014, will be held in and all day 22 April in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Graphic by AccessGraphic by AccessWell-funded and well organized interest groups from within the technical and business communities will be advancing their agendas at Net Mundial 2014, the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance, with the intent of securing outcomes that favour their perceived interests. Civil society’s responsibility is to ensure that these outcomes do not conflict with the broader, long-term public interest. Our challenge is therefore to be equally well organised as the other stakeholder representatives, even though we do not enjoy the same funding and staffing resources that they do. This event will provide an opportunity for us to consolidate and take stock of the work that we have done in preparing for the meeting, with the objective of empowering civil society participants to present a unified and effective front at the meeting (as far as possible, and as consistent with our diversity).

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Our FAQ on NETmundial
APC’s proposals submitted to NETmundial


9:30 — 10:00: NETmundial 2014 introduction and Goal of our meeting

10:00 — 11:15: Principles: Guaranteeing protection of Human Rights and Ensuring the Open and Interoperable Architecture of the Web

11:15 — 11:30: Break

11:30 — 13:00: Roadmap: towards a coordinated, decentralized, inclusive and open multistakeholder model of Internet Governance

13:00 — 14:00: Lunch

14:00 — 15:00: NetMundial: The rules of the game: how to maximize civil society impact in the interventions and the meetings to follow

15:00 — 16:00: Media Strategy, Hubs for remote participation and Stakeholder relations

16:00 — 16:15: Break

16:00 — 17:00: Open session with technical community

17:00 — 18:30: Bilateral meeting with invited governments

This meeting is a joint initiative of:

Association for Progressive Communications – APC , Global

Article 19, Global

BestBits, Global

Center for Studies on Freedom of Expression – CELE, Argentina

Derechos Digitales, Chile

Global Partners Digital, UK

Instituto de Defesa do Consumidor – IDEC, Brazil

Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade – ITS, Brazil

WebWeWant, Global

Areas of work