Bosnia and Herzegovina: Women are vulnerable online, but also speaking up on the internet

During the last Internet Governance Forum, which took place in October in Bali, Indonesia, Analía Lavin from APCNews talked to Aida Mahmutović, from APC member Owpsee in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Owpsee is one of the national partners of APC’s project “End violence: women’s rights and safety online”.

“A lot of young women are using Facebook, and they experience some problems. We are talking to them as part of our research, and they are telling us about upsetting messages they get, especially when they are commenting on political issues. If people don’t like what they say, they mess around their profiles, steal their photos and re-use them in ways they haven’t consented to. And these reactions are more likely to be experienced by women than by men. They are also concerned about stalking. SMSs and MMS are also a source of threat,” says Aida.

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