World Telecommunications/ICT Policy Forum: Civil society calls for an open and participatory internet policy making

By AL Publisher: APCNews     NYC,

The World Telecommunication/ICT Policy Forum is a ITU-sponsored event to exchange views on the key policy issues on information and communication technology (ICTs). The Fifth WTPF will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 14 May to 16 May 2013, and members of the APC team will be there.

In preparation for the event, civil society organizations have prepared a statement, currently open for endorsements, where they call for the ITU Secretary General to “facilitate civil society’s participation as an independent and authoritative voice.”

Another key statement on the Secretary General’s report has been submitted by members of the Informal Expert Group (a group convened by the Secretary General to assist in the formum’s preparatory process) with a civil society backrgound: Deborah Brown, Avri Doria (individual member of APC), Nnenna Nwakanma, Matthew Shears. Among other things, in the document they underscore the importance of more participation from developing economies in the governance of the internet, and the pressing need of ensuring that all stakeholders, in particular civil society and emerging stakeholders, have an equal voice in all governance bodies.

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