APC’s Latest Annual Report: Strategic use of ICTs by civil society and engaging civil society in ICT policy

By APCNews JOHANNESBURG, South Africa,

In the course of 2002 APC focused its energies primarily in two areas – strategic use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) by civil society and engaging civil society in ICT policy processes. The use of ICTs by civil society has been central to APC since our founding and we have been working on ICT policy issues since 2000 when APC members identified ensuring internet rights for civil society as a priority. But in 2002 we started to delve beneath the surface of the challenges our communities confront and instead of responding to the symptoms, find ways to help civil society anticipate and plan for the challenges in their policy environment at home or in their use of ICTs in their workplace.

Highlights covered in the 2002 APC annual report include: APC in the run-up to the first-ever United Nations summit on the information society (WSIS), the APC ICT policy monitors in Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean, a new training course helped civil society organisations understand how ICT policy decisions affect their work, the Africa Hafkin Prize recognised people-centred ICT policy initiatives, tools development included a free software content management system and piloting in four continents of the Gender Evaluation Methodology for ICT and internet initiatives (GEM).

And achievements from APC members on five continents such as:

- ALIN-EA, Kenya: Information for drought preparedness

- BlueLink, Bulgaria: Electronic networking begins in a war-torn province as BlueLink builds bridges in Kosova/o

- Fantsuam Foundation: Local health content in Nigeria blends tradition and science

- Tau, Argentina: Non-profits and solidarity groups under pressure in Argentina’s second city create an alternative information exchange

- Jinbonet, South Korea: Campaign against the revision of South Korean copyright law

Download the APC Annual Report 2002 from http://www.apc.org/books. The report will be available shortly in Spanish.

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Date: 10/06/2003
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