After nine years at the helm of the Women's Programme, Karen Banks moves into advocacy for APC full-time

By APCNews MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, 30 July 2004

A major change for APC programmes occurred in July. Karen Banks has moved over to become APC’s Networking and Advocacy Coordinator and her former role of manager of the APC women’s programme (APC WNSP) will be taken on by well-known Philippine gender and technology advocate, Chat Garcia Ramilo.

Karen was APC WNSP coordinator since 1995 though from late 1999, she concurrently worked with APC in our early ‘internet rights’ work. She managed the European internet rights monitor and through networking coordinated much of APC’s international ICT policy and advocacy work. Karen was, and continues to be, APC’s principal focal point for the World Summit on the Information Society.

Until now Chat been running the APC WNSP’s major project of the last three years, the Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) for ICT Initiatives project.

Photo: Karen Banks, Chat Garcia Ramilo.

Credit: Marcelo Medeiros, RITS.

Author: —- (APCNews)
Source: APCNews
Date: 07/30/2004
Location: MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay
Category: Announcements from APC

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