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Wireless networking: new knowledge sharing material now online
Wireless networking: new knowledge sharing material now online 12 December 2005

Material to share internet knowledge on wireless networking were developed as part of the ‘capacity building for community wireless connectivity in Africa’ initiative which is funded by IDRC and coordinated by APC. This is the first public release of the materials, which will be undergoing further revision during a pilot workshop series. Additional materials will be released in English, French and Arabic during 2006.

Latino repository of ICT-focussed projects and professionals
Latino repository of ICT-focussed projects and professionals 12 December 2005 Colnodo

Four institutions from Latin America — ICA, CEPAL, LIS and Colnodo — have jointly launched an online repository of ICT-focused projects and professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean. The repository, Protic, can be found at Currently, it contains information about over 850 projects and around 300 ICT professionals.

Abusing numbers: is Korea going just too far?
Abusing numbers: is Korea going just too far? 12 December 2005 Oh Byoung-il

The Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet is currently conducting a study on the state of Korean National ID Number System. Its aim: to demo problems of Korean National ID Number System by contrasting how the same is abused in Korea, and comparing with cases of foreign countries. If you can answer some short questions by December 15, 2005, it would help the study immensely.

The forgotten agenda...
The forgotten agenda... 19 November 2005 APC

With the focus at Tunis largely on who controls the Net, and the far-from-sophisticated control mechanisms of Tunisian society, the issue of what the Net can — and is — doing for the excluded in the planet might have taken a back seat. Disparity in accessing the levers of communication is markedly sharp. But interesting stories are coming in about what’s possible from various...

Snapshot: Ineke Buskens (.ug)
Snapshot: Ineke Buskens (.ug) 18 November 2005 APC

WSIS: "good discussion, people were given a chance to speak out from all kinds of minority positions and it showed well what a powerful tool the internet is, from the perspective of independent journalism."

Expression under repression - at WSIS and the 'Net
Expression under repression - at WSIS and the 'Net 18 November 2005 APC

With this excellent title Havis, an international NGO promoting the freedom of expression organised a whole two-day event, gathering a collection of rather interesting people from all over the globe. All discussions and presentations focused on the “most extreme cases”, the exercise of the freedom of communication under hostile regimes – hence the title. The Tunisian governmen...

Snapshot: Jose Jara (.pe)
Snapshot: Jose Jara (.pe) 17 November 2005 APC

"Internet for personal development, that should be the key axis of the debate. In Peru, there is still many people who have no access… having a laptop like this one is a luxury for most people there…" This Peruvian TV journalist finds the debate to be too general, and without practical outcomes. There should be less discourse and more action, he feels. "Rich countries should state c...

Snapshot: Taurai Maduna (.zw)
Snapshot: Taurai Maduna (.zw) 17 November 2005 APC

“I am not that interested in what governments came to say. They come with messages that are not negotiable. On the contrary, it is great to listen to people from the NGOs and exchange ideas with them,” said Taurai Maduna from the Zimbabwean NGO online community Kubatana, in the middle of the exposition centre of the Kram, Tunis. He is taking part in the Hivos-organised workshop call...

The WSIS is _not_ in Tunis
The WSIS is _not_ in Tunis 13 November 2005 APC

Yesterday me and Shahzad had a chance to see Tunis in all its WSIS splendour. Tunis as a city has been completely appropriated by the WSIS campaign. Public spaces where people lead their daily lives are heavily marked by a campaign about an event that they have no meaningful way to experience, and that will perhaps not bring any lasting good for their country.

Podcast Primer, a simple way of getting started
Podcast Primer, a simple way of getting started 11 November 2005 Andrew Garton

This is a quick and dirty guide to Podcasting… in short, how to hear ours and other Podcasts with the minimum of fuss. It was written the other day, as we were finding quite a few people who knew about Podcasting, but didn’t really find a simple way to get onto it. This was published on our independent publishing label, Secession’s web site and RSS feed. Hope this helps…

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