Blocked Sites, Bush's insecurity, WSF and Bomb blasts in Pakistan
Blocked Sites, Bush's insecurity, WSF and Bomb blasts in Pakistan 04 March 2006 APC

Internet traffic in Pakistan is very controlled as more than 90% of it is routed through Pakistan Internet Exchange (PIE).

Getting grounded
Getting grounded 27 January 2006 APC

The role of the WSF is to help us ask the right questions when we return home.

Another workshop is possible
Another workshop is possible 26 January 2006 APC

If you’ve ever seen six degrees of separation you may remember the scene where Stockard Channing keeps repeating chaos, control, chaos, control, you like, you like? as she flips a two-sided painting back and forth (I think it’s a Kandinsky). I can think of no better way to illustrate the World Social Forum. It’s both and neither.

From pre to post capitalist society and we haven't even had lunch yet!
From pre to post capitalist society and we haven't even had lunch yet! 25 January 2006 APC

A little something for everyone at the World Social Forum…

Networking? Who? What? Why?
Networking? Who? What? Why? 06 December 2005 APC

Michael Gurstein has penned this interesting analysis Networking the Networked/Closing the Loop: Some Notes on WSIS II which is available on the

While in Tunis...
While in Tunis... 21 November 2005 APC

But I’ve many interesting experiences at WSIS. For example, one evening in Tunis I was travelling back to my hotel by bus and the lady who was sitting next to me was talking to me in French. When I’ve problems explaining things in French, she started speaking to me in English and informed me that she used to work with a writer group in USA.

THE CLOSE OF WSIS: The civil society verdict
THE CLOSE OF WSIS: The civil society verdict 19 November 2005 APC

On the afternoon of Friday, November 18, 2005, one of three stakeholders taking part in the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) drew a line in the sand. Civil society representatives from all continents lined up to deliver a stark closing statement. There were civil society thumbs up for the new multistakeholder Internet Governance Forum; the awareness built that people from all wa...

How the others saw Tunis...
How the others saw Tunis... 19 November 2005 APC

Here are some other voices about how civil society responded to the Tunis mega-meet over the past week. IPS/TerraViva has done an interesting job in highlighting diverse issues. Including reporting on how the non-profit world saw the results of the global meet (a “consolation prize”), how the NGO world sees the deal on internet governance (“disappointed”), the treatment ...

$100 laptop: hope or hype?
$100 laptop: hope or hype? 18 November 2005 APC

Prototypes for a $100 laptop for Third World schools are out… what does it look like? What can it do? Is there a catch? And, hangon, there is still discussion on whether the internet is a friend or foe of education….

Snapshot: Ana María Ponce (.pe)
Snapshot: Ana María Ponce (.pe) 18 November 2005 APC

She’s a Peruvian heading towards The Mountain Forum in Nepal. The forum is particularly created as a medium of alternative communication for mountainous areas, which is why, since its conception, it has specifically used the internet as a communication tool between the participating people and communities that constitute the different nodes.

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