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Few hours with Richard Stallman
Few hours with Richard Stallman 20 November 2005 APC

This crazy summit, which will be remembered as WSIS, is finally over… but the official summit frankly, ended with agreements on further meetings and conferences… and watch out folks… don’t rise your expectations anymore, as nothing will happen. I infact, saw two official delegates, at the closing ceremony with good bye handshakes, saying "see you in Greece".

Expression under repression - at WSIS and the 'Net
Expression under repression - at WSIS and the 'Net 18 November 2005 APC

With this excellent title Havis, an international NGO promoting the freedom of expression organised a whole two-day event, gathering a collection of rather interesting people from all over the globe. All discussions and presentations focused on the “most extreme cases”, the exercise of the freedom of communication under hostile regimes – hence the title. The Tunisian government has asked the organisers to change the topic of the event because they found it irrelevant to the ...

US slams Tunisia on human rights
US slams Tunisia on human rights 18 November 2005 APC

The US delegation to WSIS expressed disappointment with Tunisia’s failure to secure rights of expression and assembly

Cost of accessing WSIS II
Cost of accessing WSIS II 18 November 2005 APC

Had some conversations yesterday, and I thought I would share what I have found out in terms of some cost of participating in this event….I am wondering how much the total cost of building up these sprawling white tents cost, or hiring of the buses for the shuttle service, the planting of the trees, the printing of the Tunisian President’s picture to grace the streets… and I wonder ho...

For those of you not in Tunis
For those of you not in Tunis 18 November 2005 APC

Tiring, long walk around the exhibition area. Given the crazy schedules here, it is very difficult to spare time and get a comprehensive outlook of the exhibition, however, am posting few links which may be of interest to some of you. Apologies for not putting these in some order. But there are some potentially useful links below…

Africa in internet governance...
Africa in internet governance... 17 November 2005 APC

Africa stands at a very unusual threshold of the Information Society because it is the least developed continent and seeking to use Information Communication Technology (ICTs) to advance its developmental cause but at the same time caught in the web of ideas taking position on not only Internet Governance but financing of the Information Society.

Off site, in focus: ICT access in Africa
Off site, in focus: ICT access in Africa 16 November 2005 APC

My day started with a failed attempt to check in at the APC stand in ICT4all. Crowds of people were queuing to make it inside in time for the opening of the Summit. Having read Jac’s diversity blog I cast an analytical eye over them. Only one category stood out. Suits.

Tunis Commitment, almost signed
Tunis Commitment, almost signed 16 November 2005 APC

By 10 pm Tuesday, the chairperson, Ambassador Khan, had concluded negotiations on Chapter 3 on internet governance and received a standing ovation from all attending delegates. The outcome of the internet governance process is to have a forum that will take up broad public policy issues on the one hand, and a process of cooperation on the narrow principles that relate to domain name, numbers an...

Utsumi happy over security... despite all
Utsumi happy over security... despite all 15 November 2005 APC

The internet should be more democratic and more international, says the WSIS’ chief organizer. More than 80% of the goals of WSIS have already been achieved, saysITU chief Yoshio Utsumi at his opening press conference for the summit’s currently-underway second phase in Tunisia. He however skipped answering whether ITU has communicated concern to Tunisia’s government regarding the safety o...


A note analysing the relationship of e-governance and informational rights.

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