From Kuching to Sapporo

On location SarawakOn location Sarawak I’m writing from Kuching, capital city of Sarawak, the second largest Malaysian state on the island of Borneo. I’m here for a month working on the micro-docs series, Sarawak Gone, which you can read about on APC News.

On 27 July I head for Sapporo, Japan where I will participate in the next iCommons iSummit that will see the production of video, Identifying The Commons, for both APC and the iCommons. Identifying The Commons will support the APC Strategic Scoping Paper, Growing the Global Information Commons.

For more information on the video and paper go to:

Hofstra Progressive Student Union

Hofstra University - Hempstead, New York

Hi friends,

Europe votes on anti-piracy laws

London, United Kingdom

Europeans suspected of putting movies and music on file-sharing networks could be thrown off the web under proposals before Brussels.

News, via SMS, claimed to reach 60,000 subscribers in eastern India

GOA, India

A journlalist I know, Jatindra Dash from the eastern Indian state of Orissa, started this rather interesting SMS-based news-service in the Oriya language which is spoken by some 31 million people.

Reefnet Project in Syria lunched Mobile Computer Lab (E-BAG)

Salamieh Telecentre

Reefnet Project in Syria lunched Mobile Computer Lab (E-BAG)
Salamieh telecentre through Reefnet project aim to promote and connect rural people in Syrian community.

A new blog space on the "freedom and responsibility in the media"


From June 29 to July 25, the journalists will use the blog to post their ideas, criticism, questions and answers relating to the main topic of the Internation Institute of Jounalism (Berlin) Summer Ac

OECD Talks Convergence, Creativity, Confidence - Answers Welcome!

Universal access to networks also was mentioned as key by Anriette Esterhuysen of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC).

Mobile Activism or Mobile Hype?


This paper, published in the Gender and Media Diversity Journal, argues that while technology offers many opportunities, the push to bridging the digital divide and harnessing the power of ICT often n

South Korea: Civil war without a gun

SEOUL, South Korea

Interview from the Big Brother and Empowered Sisters conference

Stockholm, Sweden

Listen to interview with Anriette Esterhuysen, speaker at the Big Brother and Empowered Sisters conference that took place in Stockholm, Sweden in April 2008.

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