Brazilian activist awarded with the International Service Human Rights Award

Montevideo, Uruguay

Brazilian journalist, Rosangela Berman Bieler, director of the Interamerican Institute on Disability and Inclusive Development who so kindly presented at APC’s open day on one of the panels will be recognised with a major human rights award on Wednesday in London.

COAST Trust and Equity and Justice Working Group, in association with 31 coastal NGOs in Bangladesh, organized a seminar Risk of

Dhaka, Bangladesh

COAST Trust and Equity and Justice Working Group, in association with 31 coastal NGOs in Bangladesh, organized a seminar “Risk of Climate Change: Loss Compensation” at National Press club .

This seminar is objectively organized to discuss ‘climate change risk and loss’ in Bangladesh, raise mass awareness on climate change impact and demanding compensate on the eve of UN CoP 13 to be held in Bali from 2-14 December, 2007.

SNAPSHOTS: Who is at the IGF II? Coura Fall


"Secure, affordable access to the internet for all may no longer be
just a dream! In any event, that was my dream today!" expresses Coura
Fall, just after the opening ceremony of the second Internet Governance
Forum in Rio. She looked motivated by many of the speakers on November
12, even though she acknowledges that her dream translates into work,
work and more work. when it comes to her continent: Africa.

SNAPSHOTS: Who is at the IGF II? Katerina Fialova


Katerina Fialova is a coordinator with the APC. She’s coordinating the gender and ICT policy portal called This means that she is working on regulation and policy there where gender and technology intersect. What that really means? It is like looking at how cellphones for instance, can best be used to inform women in rural areas. 

SNAPSHOTS: Who is at the IGF II? Milena Bukova


Milena Bukova is the executive director of Bluelink, a virtual network offering a broad variety of internet based services for those who are interested in issues related to environment, natural resources, and sustainable development in Bulgaria and all over the world. Its mission is to create a free information forum for democracy, civil society and sustainable development.

Bangladesh: Cyclone Sydr hit the Rural Knowledge Centre(RKC)of Borguna

Dhaka, Bangladesh

The devastated cyclone SYDR of November 15, 2007 hit seriously seven districts, out of nine working districts of the networking members of Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication(BNNRC).

U.N. conference ponders Internet's future


When more than 1,700 technology experts from around the world envision the Internet’s future, they see cars and household appliances that are online, wireless Internet networks in remote African villages and astronauts e-mailing one another from different corners of outer space. Read the full article, which mentions John Dada of APC-member Fantsuam Foundation.

Fast track to internet domains in own alphabet

Vancouver, Canada

The Register reports that certain countries such as China, Russia and Saudi Arabia are on the fast track to net domains that use their own alphabets.

Mobile phones and Voter Education


With general elections just around the corner in Kenya, anxiety is looming everywhere. Aspirants are looking for ways and means to woo voters to their sides.

Access workshop considered how to mitigate costs and resolve connectivity challenges

Montevideo, Uruguay

On Monday 12 November, participants in the “Access: the local challenge” workshop, addressed access issues and considered what can be done locally to mitigate costs and connectivity challenges.

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