Leandro Navarro

Vice-chair of APC's executive board of directors

Domaines stratégiques de travail

La biographie

Leandro Navarro co-founded Pangea back in 1993. In the first years he volunteered as sysadmin, including mail, lists and APC newsgroups. After leaving systems tasks to  professionals, he has continued as vice-president and member of the Pangea advisory board. He is co-founder of the eReuse.org initiative on circular economy for the reuse and traceability of digital devices, operated by Pangea, with research at UPC. Leandro is member and vice-chair of the board of directors for the Association for Progressive Communications.

Leandro has a PhD in telecommunications and works as associate professor at UPC.EDU. He leads a research group on computer networks and distributed systems, doing research in cooperative, decentralized, and sustainable models for networks and computer systems. He has participated in several ICT events, publications and forums related to the governance of the public internet, community networks, and universal connectivity in Europe and globally.

He writes regularly in the academic world and, like most everyone else in this global farm, is read and tracked by Google and others, although not in FB. He has a concern about his regular contribution to global warming, and his favorite fruits are mandarin oranges.

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