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OSI’s initial support for APC’s work was focused in Central and Eastern Europe with an emphasis on strengthening the capacity of APC members and partners in the region. OSI provided substantial support to the APC Toolkit project, which produced the APC ActionApps. OSI also provided support for APC’s internet rights work in Europe. Throughout our relationship, OSI has played a key networking role by linking APC to related initiatives, and providing us with valuable critical input.

In 2001 OSI continued to support internet rights work in Europe, as well as the Learning and Practitioners’ Network project.

In 2002 it again funded the Learning and Practitioners’ Network project (Phase I), in addition to the ItrainOnline/TechSoup partners’ meeting and the Secure Online Communications training and materials.

In 2003, it supported the ICT Policy for Civil Society training in Colombia.

In 2004, 2005 and 2006 the foundation funded: Capacity building for community wireless connectivity in Africa and Secure Online Communications. In 2006 it also funded: Ensuring affordable and open access to EASSy: Consultation for key stakeholders, and the Africa wireless capacity-phase II planning meeting.