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Cover design: Irene Soria

From 28 to 31 October 2019, 54 feminists from 19 countries, including Association for Progressive Communications (APC) staff members, came together in Muldersdrift, South Africa, to discuss “Making a Feminist Internet: Movement building in a digital age in Africa.”

The purpose of the convening, abbreviated as #MFIAfrica, was to deepen the understanding of how the digital landscape has affected feminist, women’s rights, sexual rights and intersectional movement-building work; strengthen the capacity of feminist, women’s rights, sexual rights and digital security activists to respond to emerging challenges and threats; and engage in the creation of collaborative ideas and strategies on how to make a feminist internet that can contribute towards building strong and resilient movements.

The convening was made up of multiple facets of connection and conversation between a participant group of African feminists, diverse in geographical origin and field of work, from the continent and African diaspora.

This report presents a perspective of those conversations, and is drawn up from a diversity of materials that were created throughout the meeting duration, including text notes, photographs and audio recordings. The convening was documented and continues to be reflected upon by different people through different mediums, and this report is a contribution to #MFIAfrica’s multifaceted, decentralised archive of memory.

Download the report here.