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This was republished with permission from 7amleh

7amleh has published the first guidebook to Palestinian digital rights in Arabic and English. “Know Your Digital Rights: Towards a Safe, Fair & Free Palestinian Digital Space” gives an overview of the digital rights of Palestinians. This includes showing how digital rights are an extension of human rights, and explaining the right to access the internet; the right to freedom of expression, opinion and information; the rights to peaceful assembly, freedom of association and participation; rights to privacy and data protection; as well as related rights affect Palestinians’ digital rights.

The guide also provides information about the responsibilities of state and non-state actors to respect, protect and promote digital rights. In particular, it focuses on the obligations of Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, as well as technology and social media companies, whose policies and practices are known to violate Palestinian’s digital rights.

Finally, the guide concludes with a precise section on how Palestinians can protect their digital rights online, with ten easy to follow and implement steps, as well as guidance to further steps to enhance your digital security, keeping your content safe, and reporting content takedowns.

This guidebook is part of a series of publications on Palestinian digital rights published by 7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media. 

The full report is available here