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This is a schedule of pre-events, including Day 0 (25 November), of the 2019 Internet Governance Forum in Berlin in which APC is participating in one way or another. Come join us!


Pre-event 23-24 November

Equity and Social Justice in a Digital World (Just Net Coalition)

14:20-18:15 | Estrel Saal C Sonnenallee 225

APC speaking


DAY 0 – 25 November 2019

Improving evidence-based Internet policies: UNESCO calls for your support of national assessments using the R.O.A.M.-X Indicators

9:00-13:30 | Hall I - C Sonnenallee 225

APC co-organising

Strengthening the multi-stakeholder approach on international norms in cyberspace

10:35-12:35 |  Estrel Saal A Sonnenallee 225

APC speaking

Civil society coordination meeting

12:35-15:35 |  Estrel Saal B Sonnenallee 225

APC co-organising

Internet Governance and Sexuality workshop

13:00-17:00 |  Lite House Gallery, Neukölln close to Sonnenallee S-Bahn

APC organising

Facilitated by: Smita Vannyar (POV), Shubha Kayasta (Body and Data) Sachini Perera (Ghosha) and hvale vale APC WRP). The IG and Sexuality participatory workshop is an open and safe space to ask questions, share experiences and insights. We will talk about:

a) Feminism and feminists in internet governance spaces

b) Feminist Principles of the Internet (FPIs)

c) Whose internet is it?

d) Intersectionality: a shared framework to understand governance, sexual rights and internets.

Informal meeting of the Freedom Online Coalition

13:35-14:30 |  Raum V Sonnenallee 225

APC speaking

Electricity, Community Networks and Digital Inclusion: The case of the underserved communities 

14:35-15:35 | Saal Europa Sonnenalle 225

APC speaking

Internet Commons Forum

15:40-18:15 |  Estrel Saal B Sonnenallee 225

APC co-organising

Technology and Surveillance in Latin America: Towards Human Rights Standards

16:10-18:15 |  Raum IV Sonnenallee 225

APC member organising: Derechos Digitales

Algorithms down-to-earth: Sharing experience of investigations

18:00 | Rotbart Bar Böhmische Str. 43

APC participating