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APC member 7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media will host the Palestine Digital Activism Forum (PDAF) on 16-17 January 2019. The forum will be attended by dozens of individuals and organisations working on digital media and digital rights, including the Association for Progressive Communications, Amnesty International, Deutsche Welle, and Human Rights Watch, along with activists, journalists, students and jurists from the West Bank, Jerusalem, Haifa, Taybeh and Gaza Strip.

The themes of the forum include the internal and external challenges facing Palestinian digital rights, activities and freedoms, global digital rights trends and their implications on the Palestinian context, and interspersed series of inspirational stories of utilising digital tools to drive social change. It will also include workshops led by regional and international trainers in various Palestinian governorates, conducted in cooperation with different Palestinian NGOs and universities such as Birzeit University, An-Najah National University, Global Platform, Tishreen Association, 7amleh, Palestinian Vision, Palestinian Public Diplomacy Authority and the Palestinian NGO Network.

7amleh is a Palestinian organisation dedicated to securing Palestinian digital rights and improving the skills of Palestinian civil society in digital activism. It has been at the forefront of the struggle of bringing Palestinian digital rights forward and promoting them as an integral part of the struggle for human rights. It also works on amplifying the efforts of other Palestinian human rights organisations and empowering digital activism through research, training and workshops.

According to 7amleh's Nadim Nashif, "This Forum is the main space for Palestinians and internationals to come together to discuss Palestinian digital rights. We discuss a very complex reality, being under occupation, and we look into internet companies and how they affect us. But we also celebrate inspirational initiatives, mostly by young people who are taking to the internet and social media to defend their rights."

For full details visit the forum website here.