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What began as a small fundraising drive in July 2017 or Kéfir, a feminist libre tech co-op, has transformed into exploring the importance of feminist infrastructure in Latin America. Tune into this ongoing conversation we will be nurturing here in the near future.

You can also check out the “From steel to skin" manifesto that Vedeta member Fernanda Monteiro and Nadége co-founder Kéfir jammed together in the spirit of rephrasing help as interdependence and infrastructure as collective embodiment.

"When it comes to activism, it should be self explanatory that it is - by default - feminist, decolonial and anti-capitalist. But hierarchy shifts to where you are. Activism is modular still and we have difficulties being more intersectional. Even though there is a lot of people talking about intersectionality, in practice things are separated all the time in boxes."

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