Role of internet in realising sexual and reproductive rights in Uganda: Interview with Allana Kembabazi

The Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) 2016 focuses on economic, social, cultural rights (ESCRs) and the link it has to the internet. Does the internet enable or disable the realisation of ESCRs? The internet is often linked to issues such as censorship, privacy and cyber bullying. But very few question whether the internet could actually be linked to everyday basic needs. In a world that is rapidly moving online we need to ask what role does the internet play in relation to healthcare, housing, shelter, food and education – all these things we cannot go without. For many no link is seen as they do not have access to the necessary technology and also they do not see how the internet may make things easier.

In this article writer, Tarryn Booysen, has a chat with Allana Kembabazi, author of the 2016 GISWatch Uganda report.

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Image Source: Report by Initiative for Social and Economic Rights on Monitoring the Right to Health


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