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Disco-tech event:

This year, we have seen both a groundbreaking UN report recognising anonymity as essential to human rights, in particular privacy and freedom of opinion and expression, as well as consistent government efforts to undermine anonymity online. Worldwide, anonymity enhancing technologies are becoming increasingly important to all internet users, for a number of reasons, including most essentially the desire to communicate and seek information free from the peering eyes of others. For human rights defenders, women human rights defenders, journalists, whistleblowers, sexual rights activists and others who use ICTs for their activism and work, remaining anonymous can be a life and death matter. In reality, however, our expectations of anonymity can often clash with technical limitations.

Two of our participants at Disco-tech 2014, IstanbulTwo of our participants at Disco-tech 2014, Istanbul

To shed light on these issues, APC, Coding Rights and Tactical Tech are hosting a peer-learning session on the night before the global IGF in João Pessoa on 9 November 2015.

For those in Bali and/or Istanbul, it is our third Disco-tech at the IGF. For newcomers, we call it a “Disco-tech” because the format of the event is very unique. Participants can learn about technological solutions in an inspiring and relaxed yet high-energy atmosphere.

Short talks on anonymity will showcase projects, tools and problems to raise awareness, and will inspire and mix up discussion among participants. Participants are also invited to follow up their learnings at our “help desk” booths stationed in the IGF in the exhibition hall.


  • Cristiana Gonzalez, Association for Progressive Communications
  • Fieke Jansen, Tactical Tech
  • Joana Varon, Coding Rights
  • Josh Levy, Access
  • Luis Fernando, R3D
  • Luiz Alberto Perin Filho , Article 19
  • Paz Peña, Derechos Digitales
  • Sara Haghdoosti, Mozilla
  • Valentina Pellizzer, One World Platform
  • Yildiz Tar, KAOS

Monday, 9 November 19:00 – 22:00
Restaurant Nau Frutos Do Mar
Rua Lupercio Branco, 130 – Manaíra, João Pessoa