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How does the internet work? How is it managed and developed? While the importance of universalising internet access and use becomes increasingly recognised, reflection on the concrete aspects of internet governance is often missing.

Internet governance is crucial to the future of the internet, which is a catalyst for social, human and economic development. Going beyond talk and determining concrete actions on how it is ruled and shaped is key, and this process should incorporate all players who have a stake in the process, including civil society and governments.

This is why APC organises events like the National Meeting on Internet Governance – Ecuador, which will take place on 27 November. Internet access, content and infrastructure, surveillance, privacy and security will be discussed, focusing on the Ecuador scenario.

Experts like Pilar Sáenz (Fundación Karisma), Carlos Correa (Creative Commons Ecuador), Renata Ávila (Web We Want) and Valeria Betancourt (APC) will be joined by Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange, who will close the meeting with a reflection on the implications of internet governance in Latin America.

In the words of Valeria Betancourt, “This event is the first dialogue on internet governance in Ecuador that brings together government representatives, civil society activists and international experts. It underscores the importance of a human rights approach to internet governance.”

We encourage participation in this unique event, through this registration form, and by following APCNoticias and the #InternetEcuador hashtag on Twitter.