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On 16 December 2013 APC will be presenting research findings on civil society perceptions around WSIS, from 10:30 to 13:00 (GMT +1), as part of the third phase of the multi-stakeholder open consultation towards the WSIS+10 event.

The high-level event, which will take place in April 2014, will review the progress made in the implementation of the WSIS outcomes under the mandates of participating agencies and take stock of achievements in the last ten years.

The multi-stakeholder open consultation process started on July 2013 and includes six phases:

Phase one: July 2013 – Initiation of the Open consultation process
Phase two: 7-8 October 2013 – First physical meeting
Phase three: 16-18 December 2013 – Second physical meeting
Phase four: 17-18 February 2014 – Third physical meeting
Phase Five: 1 March 2014 – Outcomes of the open consultation published.
Phase Six: 12 March 2014 – Final brief on the WSIS+10 High-Level Event

You can join the meeting remotely by registering online