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Korean Progressive Network ‘Jinbonet’ launched an online guide to Human

rights in the Information society on December 10th, 2003, the 55th

anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Jinbonet said in its introduction page that "In the Information Society,

human rights should be protected."

The human rights is threatened in the information society. The government

seeking more efficient administration and the business pursuing greater

profits have tried to develop and introduce advanced information

technology to the society time and again. But they do not seem to be

concerned about additional measures necessary to help remove unexpected

challenges coming up in transition to the Information Society against

protection of human rights. As a result, these days we can see many cases

in which free use of information is limited and people’ right to privacy

is infringed.

Recently Freedom of expression, Right to privacy, Right to share

information and Right to access information are at issue. Since they are

closely related to communication and flow of information, these rights

came under threat stemming from the state and market driven push for the

Information Society as well as became especially important in the

Information Society.

The Information Society is not a separate world from what we live in now.

That is a society that we are building. "Human Rights in the Information

Society" means the human rights described in the Universal Declaration of

Human Rights and in the related international laws should still be

protected. Not only does HRIS serve the last safeguard to guarantee people

the fundamental freedoms and rights which seem to be easily threatened in

transition to this new form of society, the Information Society, but it

means our ongoing effort to make sure democracy and human rights are still

respected and pursued in the middle of and even after the Information


This homepage is made to help understand the concept of Information Human

rights and protect and exercise humanrights for oneself. It is composed of

four sections – Freedom of Expression, Public Domain, Right to Privacy,

and Access to Information.

This site is sponsored by Daum Foundation.


ABOUT Jinbonet and Daum Foundation

Jinbonet : Korean Progressive Network ‘Jinbonet’ is a social movement

organization in South Korea, which was established in 1998. It aims to

provide internet services for social movement groups, and to enhance the

solidarity and communication among them as well as to expand and improve

the protection of basic human rights in the information society.

Jinbonet is a member of Association for Progressive Communications.

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South Korea

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Daum Foundation : Daum Foundation is a non-profit foundation which was

established in September 2001. It was established to serve the public with

the mission "to create a future generation of creative individuals that

lead different forms of life through the wise use of the media and

communication" in the areas of "Youth Development", "Media


Communication", and "Network."

Daum Foundation was created through the donations from the employees of

Daum Communications, Corp.-the nation’s No.1 Internet Portal

( with the largest and strongest customer contacts-with the

objective of creating a future that creative individuals are networked in

variety of shapes.

It nurtures dream and hope to our youth, the leaders of the next

generation, by actively supporting the clever and creative use of new

media and communications.


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Source: JinboNet
Date: 12/11/2003
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Category: Development Resources