Education and technology key thematic areas for Rio+20 People's Summit

Thematic Social ForumThematic Social ForumAs part of the People’s Summit, the Thematic Social Forum released a working paper this week, entitled ‘Another Future is Possible’ discussing key themes for Rio+20. The paper is based on proposals developed at the forum in Porto Alegre, January 24th – 29th, 2012. Education, knowledge, science and technology were among the thematic areas.

The paper states “Scientific knowledge is one of the common goods belonging to humankind: it should always be publicly accessible and should be considered as a knowledge-based common good.”

The knowledge, science and technology thematic group invites participation in discussion and drafting of documents for the People’s Summit, taking place during Rio+20 in June 2012.

The full paper, and more information about the People’s Summit can be found at:“