Bangladesh comes to Kalamazoo!

Bangladesh comes to Kalamazoo!
By Chip Locke – WB8ALW, on October 1st, 2011

Many of us made a new friend today in the person of Mr. AHM Bazlur Rahman, or
“Bazlu”, S21BRfrom Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bazlu is in Kalamazoo through October 16th by invitation of the US Department of State under the Legislative Fellows Program. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) and Head of the Community Radio Academy.This program organised by

World Learning Visitor Exchange Program
From Bazlu:

“Legislative Fellow Program is intended to strengthen the understanding of the US legislative process and civil society’s role in the political process, and to foster relationships among Bangladesh and American institutions.

Through this program I will gain an understanding of the U.S. legislative process, enhance their appreciation for the role of civic society and its engagement in the political, process; increase their understanding of the minority and immigrant experience in the United States, especially as it relates to political integration and governance, improve their knowledge base and practical competencies to help strengthen organizational capacity, develop and implement projects or programs in their home country that promote good governance, civil society, and solid institutions, This program will contribute to create linkages between Bangladesh a governments, institutions, and citizens, and Increase regional cooperation among governments and civil society.”

While here, he hopes to meet/observe the area Amateur Radio community in his off time. Today, Bazlu was able to visit the Bronson EOC, the County EOC at the Sheriff’s Department, and the club station at the American Red Cross, and was was met with a number of friendly faces: KB5BGC (Seen above on the Hospital Net at the Bronson EOC), KC8ZTJ, N8CML, K8WLD, KC9LVT, KA8AOB, K8EMT, AC8ED, and WB8ZVV. He also had the opportunity to meet the Technician Class students who were absorbing mass quantities of knowledge in John’s classroom next to the W8VY Radio Room. He will attempt to attend another area function or two while he is here, including the Hamfest on October 16th!

Welcome to S21BR!