ICTs and environmental sustainability: Mapping national policy contexts in India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Costa Rica and Mexico


As environmental sustainability plays an increasingly important role in social and economic development, much attention has been given to ICTs as tools to address sustainability imbalances – and as the source of many environmental challenges themselves, such as with e-waste. IC4D activists are constantly challenged by the ever-evolving landscape of ICTs and the sometimes contradictory and cross-sectoral policy aspects of ICTs and the environment.

APC commissioned five of its members to conduct research in their country on the topic of ICTs and environmental sustainability. They are: Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Egypt, India and Mexico. Members were asked to map challenges in the policy terrain, with particular emphasis on ICTs and climate change and e-waste, identify key stakeholders, as well as advocacy tasks that lay ahead for civil society. This comparative analysis by APC compiles and summarises their key findings.

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