Why I work for APC

In my time on this Earth I’ve had a lot of odd jobs. I have worked in coffee shops and fruit stands; in comedy clubs and restaurants. I have worked as a researcher, and in a political party. For the government, and for the army.

None of these compares to my experience at APC.

Every day I wake up excited about what I get to do. And not just because this is one of few jobs I can work without pants.

I am closer with my colleagues here (not one of whom I have met in person) than I have ever been anywhere else. Not even the famed “army camaraderie” measures up.

The sincerity and solidarity in the APC team and with our members is nothing short of remarkable. There is a sense of community that is as unmistakable as it is precious.

That is something I will never take for granted. But this is only a part of why I do what I do.

I work for APC because we are in the business of doing good. And there’s a lot of good to be done. Every day I’m reminded of that.

I have here the chance to work with committed people doing real good in the world. Too often, they are people I can’t even name — much as I’d like to — for fear that they be arrested or worse.

I think what makes the people at APC different is their drive and their optimism. They look at the world and humanity and they don’t just see who we are. They see who we can be.

They see that human beings are fundamentally good. It’s in our nature. Hell, it’s in our genes.

I believe anything that liberates and empowers even a single person makes the world a better place. And liberating and empowering people is what we do best.

But mostly, it’s the pants thing.