APC is going to be busy at the IGF

Pre-event on Access

On 26 September 2011, APC will be holding a pre-event aimed at discussing how access to the internet relates to wider human rights, specifically the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

The event will consider questions such as:

- How does access to the internet relate to freedom of association, movement building and democratisation?

- How is the right to freedom of assembly and association issues being affected by the internet?

- What is the impact of regulatory systems on individuals, communities, public participation and wider social movement building?

- How do diverse groups experience these access issues and what strategies and practical actions can human rights defenders take to maintain and strengthen their networks and advocacy?

- Is a new legal norm on access to the internet as a human right needed or can access issues be dealt with under current international human rights standards?

- Is the concept of freedom of association adequately protected in light of these diverse access issues?

- Can the rights based approach support and strengthen dialogue on these issues, thereby contributing to more just and democratic societies?

In the context of the IGF, APC will organise three workshops:

- Human rights: a unifying approach for development, freedom, access and diversity?

- Open spectrum for development in the context of the digital migration

- Conflict minerals: Bringing accountability and governance to ICT production. What are the challenges?

And we will also be supporting or co-hosting other workshops, including:

- Blocking content: issues, principles and paths forward
Organised by ISOC

- Mobile internet: enhancing the new age of the internet
Organised by Nokia